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Keeping the Liturgy alive in your heart

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Theme: Liturgy is active. It is the work of the entire people of God (not just the priest). You will not remember every detail of this study or every point discussed. Therefore it is vital that you remember this one single governing theme:


At every point in the service you are to be doing something.


Not only that if you will listen, the service will tell you what that something is (be it “let us pray”, “let us confess our sins”, or “let us hear and receive the reading of God’s Word”).


Each week the liturgical corner will focus on a particular aspect of the liturgy. The lessons follow the order of the service, beginning at the back door of the church and walking through the entire service.

It is hoped that these lessons will remind you of the purpose and the significance of what we are doing at each stage of worship and that each week you will enter God’s house with a renewed focus for the particular part of the service covered by the lesson

Use these lessons as a mid-week devotion or as a part of your preparation for Sunday Worship. Regardless, may worship remain alive in your heart.

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