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All Saints Weekly Newsletter
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June 21st, 2021

The News in a Nutshell

           ·      Happy Father’s Day- To All Our Dads

           ·      All Saints Is Fully Reopened- Time to Return to Church

           ·      Volunteers Needed- June 20th

           ·      Bishop Sutton’s- Opening Address to General Synod

           ·      Thank You- All Who Helped Put Out Our Mailbox Flyers

           ·      All Saints Refrigerator Magnets- $2.00

           ·      Live Streaming Service- FYI

           ·      Online Giving Options- Now Available



For more information see the full announcements below



Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to all our Dads. Thanks for all you do. Mom says you mess most of it up, but thanks anyway.



All Saints is Fully Reopened – Time to Return to Church

All Saints has returned to its full schedule (Sunday School for all ages, Nursery, Children’s church, Fellowship hour). We are urging all who are able, to return to in person worship. However, for those provincially hindered or with health issues, our streaming service will continue as normal.

         We have also invited the folks in the new neighborhood to join us. Please pray that God will lead any who need a church home to our parish.



Volunteers Needed- Where Can You Serve

As we reopen and invite, we need to fill the various ministries that were closed due to Covid. Therefore, if you were serving in a capacity prior to Covid, I ask you to strongly consider resuming your ministry. We need:

·      Children’s Sunday School teachers: we need 4 or more to teach in teams of 2. Two weeks on, two off, one week teaching

·      Nursery/Children’s Church Workers: we need 4 or more to attend the nursery in teams of 2. Two weeks on, two off

·      Fellowship Hour: we need people to help with snacks and fellowship hour

·      Ushers: we need folks willing to serve as ushers during Sunday service

·      Lectors: we need folks to read the Epistle during worship. In the past lectors have read about once every 5 weeks



Bishop Sutton’s- Opening Address to General Synod

What a blessing it is to be a part of the REC. This past week our presiding Bishop, Bishop Ray Sutton, gave an incredible opening address to the REC General Synod. I encourage you all to take a look at it. It is well worth your read. As soon as we have an audio/video of the address, I will pass that link along to you as well. For now here is the link to the written transcript of Bishop Sutton’s address. Enjoy! LINK



Thank You- All Who Helped Put Out Our Mailbox Flyers

A big thanks to everyone who was there to put out the mailbox flyers. I am sorry about the initial confusion/delay. As we were mapping out where to send folks, we realized that the neighborhood did not have any mailboxes. Regardless, we got all the flyers out. Please remember to keep this in your prayers, asking God to bless these invitations and lead any who need a church home to worship with us



All Saints Refrigerator Magnets- $2.00

We had a lot of folks asking about the All Saints refrigerator magnets we put in our welcome packets. If you would like a magnet, they are on the information table in the parish hall. They are $2.00 per magnet. They are not worth $2.00 but your kind contribution will help us recover some of the cost of having them made.



Live Streaming Service- FYI

Our live streaming services will

will begin the live stream at 10:25 with prelude music. This will give folks time to tune in, get settled, and prepare their hearts for worship

The service itself will begin at 10:30

The Service can be viewed:

1)   On a smart TV, streaming device, computer, or phone- by going to our church’s new YouTube channel. You can find the channel here: LINK


From within the YouTube app, you can search “All Saints Anglican Church Greenville SC

Remember to “subscribe” to the channel in order to save it and thus avoid having to use links and searches each time


2)   You can view the service on our All Saints Webpage. Here is the LINK:


3)   All the material that you will need for our Sunday service can be accessed here: LINK    

I will also send out all the service material in an email each week.

The purpose of these two service material options is to allow you to watch the service on a streaming device or smart TV and have the material on a handheld device so you can follow along


4)   To easily view a recording of this week’s service at a later time, go to our YouTube channel and you will find all our past services listed there. The most recent service will be the first one on the list.



Online Giving- Now Available

We have integrated a secure online giving option so that you can securely tithe online. You can even set a recurring gift so that you don’t have to go through the process each time you give. There are three ways you can make use of this option:

1.   You can give by clicking on the “Link” embedded in the service material at the Tithes and Offering portion of the service. Click and follow the easy instruction

2.   You can give by clicking on the “Link” button embedded on the live stream page of our website and follow the instructions: LINK

3.   You can download the free App from either the Iphone App Store (LINK) or from the Android Google Play Store (LINK). Download the desired version of the app and then follow the simple set up instructions.  



How can we pray for you?
If you have any special prayer needs or praise reports that you would like to share with the group, feel free to email them to me (or you can call me if you prefer) and I will be glad to include them in our weekly newsletter.

Prayer Requests


For our nation during this time of unrest and change.


That God would send revival to His people and through them to this nation


David Killinger- who was in a wreck


Art Sivigny- for recovery from a mild stroke


Fr. Don’s mother who is in rehab after a severe infection


Jason Nesbit (Carlberg’s brother in law) who has a sever bone infection


Mei-Li Sivigny- who is suffering from hip pain


Betty and Ray Froman- for health concerns


David Crossman- who battling cancer and an e-coli infection


Pat Childers- for continued strength, health and recovery


All those serving in our armed forces, especially Matthew Orders, Eden Basinger, Devin Willis, Anna Conover, and Samantha Childers Leamy




~Dates to Remember

Please, email your events to Fr. Charlie with a brief description. Your description should include: date, time, location, cost, as well as the name of the parishioner participating in the event (when applicable).

Diocesan Synod                                     Sept 17-18th, 2021

                                    Nazareth Church,

Moncks Corner, SC

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